Kuwaiti Special Royal Sidr Honey - 500g

37.000 KWD

100 % Organic




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Safaa Alr

شكرا جزيلًا

ali aldashti

Kuwaiti Special Royal Sidr Honey - 500g

Abdulrahman Al-Othman

Kuwaiti Special Royal Sidr Honey - 500g - عسل السدر الكويتي المميز الملكي

Honey Benefits

We believe that honey is a household necessity. Honey in itself is naturally sweet and can easily be a healthy replacement for sugar. For years, honey has consistently aided the human body with various ailments that it may go through. Improving the immune system, the digestive tracks, allergies, and even wounds, honey is surely a go-to product and has been for many generations.

More On Honey

Having over 40 benefits for the human body, our honey aims to provide all of these while also excelling in specific benefits and multiplying the benefits that honey already produces.

To best reap the benefits of our natural super food, it is best to take two spoons a day, one in the morning infused with warm water on an empty stomach and one at night infused with a warm glass of milk.