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Be Organic - بي أورجانيك

In October 2019, Bee Organic Honey won the second place award in the international honey competition organized by the British Honey Show This contest is considered the oldest and largest in the world, with more than 2100 participants from 47 countries taking part. It is important to note that we participated in the same competition in 2018 and achieved third place. This is the first time, that honey from one country ranks in the top 3 within a 2 year span. Kuwaiti Honey did just that. The secret of our success is our undivided attention to quality, and our eagerness to produce and import the highest and award-winning levels of honey. Because we believe in the magical health powers of honey and because we truly cherish the raw, organic, and pure part of beekeeping. All our honey types are raw, unheated, unpasteurized and contain all the enzymes and natural ingredients.
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The Sun is the bee compass

The Sun is the bee compass

Bees use the position of the sun to adjust its compass and to return safely to the hive without entering any adjacent hives by mistake. The eyes of the bees are also sensitive to the ultraviolet light, which penetrates even the thickest clouds, so the bees are able to "see" the sun, even when the weather is cloudy. 
Honey and Immunity

Honey and Immunity

The word “healing “ was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an 4 times .. 3 times was about reading the Holy Qur’an itself. The only food that was associated with healing in the Quran is ...
Natural bee hive around our apiary

Natural bee hive around our apiary

When the spring comes, and the flowers blossom, beehives thrive and multiply in number at an amazing speed. So the bees resort to the most popular way to reproduce, which swarming.
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