Honey and Immunity

Honey is one of the best immunity boosters, and immunity is the body's weapon against all diseases, and it is the key to prevention and recovery from diseases. The word “healing “ was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an 4 times .. 3 times was about reading the Holy Qur’an itself. The only food that was associated with healing in the Quran is honey.

Thousands of studies confirm that the raw unadulterated honey is boosts immunity mainly because of the natural antimicrobials, such as antibacterial, fungi and viruses, and antioxidants that increase the body's ability to resist and recover from many diseases. Honey also has the ability to ease many symptoms associated with diseases, such as coughing and throat pain.

3 important tips for the best results:

  • Mix raw honey with a quarter cup of room temperature water, because this activates an enzyme (Glucose oxidase), and that increases the effectiveness of honey and its ability to fight diseases.
  • Do not mix honey with hot liquids, because heat breaks down honey enzymes and reduces its health benefits.
  • Only raw unadulterated honey strengthens the immunity, commercial honey has been treated (with heating and fine filtration to prevent crystallization), and thus it does not increase immunity.

Make two spoonful of raw honey a daily part of your diet.

It’s also worthy to mention that bee stings is the only means of defense that this small insect possesses against enemies, by planting its stinging apparatus and planting venom in the body of its enemy. Now, this venom has many benefits to humans that have been proven by a lot of scientific research and studies.

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