Natural bee hive around our apiary

When the spring comes, and the flowers blossom, beehives thrive and multiply in number at an amazing speed. So the bees resort to the most popular way to reproduce, which swarming.

The worker bees create big queen hexagonal cells, feed a female eggs some royal jelly to form new queen bees.  Just before these new queens hatch, the mother queen swarms one or two days before her new daughters hatch with a group of bees and create a natural beehive (like the one in the picture above).

In the original hive, the young queens go out and fight and remain the strongest and most suitable to lead the cell, and the result is that the bees now have two separate hives, and there are two queens of bees laying eggs, and the bees multiply with two separate hives instead of one.  This means double the number of bees, and the rare Kuwaiti honey production basically doubles.  We so need more bees in the desert.

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