The story of every drop of "Be Organic" honey

Many ask us and say “what is the secret that distinguishes 'Be Organic' honey, and how is it even possible that Kuwaiti Sidr Honey, a honey produced in the desert, could win the second place in the world in the international honey competition at the British honey exhibition in October 2019?”

In short ..

We take select and take care of our bees

We extract our honey with kindness

We store and transfer our honey to you with precision

We promise to deliver every drop of pure natural honey to you like the bees have mastered from the hive to your homes.

Honey is the only food mentioned in the holy Quran that it has a healing powers, but not any honey.  Honey must have all its enzymes and components, in their most active forms, to have this power.  We work hard to ensure you get honey in its purest form.  Our 5 international awards tell you that, and so will your body and immunity when you try our honey.

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