Honey News !

  • The Sun is the bee compass

    Bees use the position of the sun to adjust its compass and to return safely to the hive without entering any adjacent hives by mistake. The eyes of the bees are also sensitive to the ultraviolet light, which penetrates even the thickest clouds, so the bees are able to "see" the sun, even when the weather is cloudy.  View Post
  • Honey and Immunity

    The word “healing “ was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an 4 times .. 3 times was about reading the Holy Qur’an itself. The only food that was associated with healing in the Quran is ... View Post
  • Natural bee hive around our apiary

    When the spring comes, and the flowers blossom, beehives thrive and multiply in number at an amazing speed. So the bees resort to the most popular way to reproduce, which swarming. View Post