Real Honey In Every House-hold

Be Organic’s main mission is to be able to provide high quality honey in every household first in the middle east and eventually world-wide.

Our Customers Say:

Worth Every Fils!

I noticed that my skin cleared up, Specially when I started eating French Meadow Honey!

!ما يبيله راي، عسلكم معروف

ما يبيله راي، عسلكم معروف و مو اول مره اجربهز ممتاز لتنظيم السكر وللمعدةز وعسل المنوكا لقيت منه فايده بالتهابات الحنجرة والكحة مفيد

حسيت بطاقة وخفت مشاكل المعدة معي

العسل ماشاء الله مو اول مره استخدمه والنتيجة حلوة من جميع النواحي

Our Promise

What inspires us is to produce the highest quality of honey from the deserts of the Middle East. The precise care and attention poured into every drop of honey is something we carry with pride.

The most important thing that

We Value

Be Organic values the time and care that both our beekeepers and our bees put into every single drop of honey that we provide.

The Cycle Of Life

Trees. Bees. Honey. It’s as simple as that. Some people wonder how we, Be Organic, a brand that originated in the desert, produces such high quality honey. This is the answer and is the formula that Be Organic chooses to focus on.


More than anything, we as a brand go the extra mile in caring for our bees. We believe that happy bees are the key to winning the second best in the world and to this day we stand by that. We promise that each single drop of honey is infused with award-winning care and attention.

Our Honey Crystalizes!

Over time, honey, the product of hardworking bees who have pollenated thousands of wildlife, crystallizes. Real honey crystalizes, and if you see that your jar has, we are proud of it and claim this as an achievement.